Understanding Emotional Abuse in Relationship

635941096774530374-1334752372_domesticIn most cases, people usually believe that an abusive relationship always entails assault or battery. An abusive relationship may actually entail bitter and harsh words that may actually torment one party at the expense of the other. It is very important for you to understand whether you are undergoing an abusive relationship so that you hastily seek for solutions. In fact, it is interestingly astounding that you may actually not realize you are being abused. Here are some signs you shouldn’t take for granted that show you are undergoing an abusive relationship.

Extremely controlling and jealous behavior

Jealousy within reasonable levels is actually good for relationships. However, if you let it spiral out of hand, it will cost you dearly since you’ll be harassing your partner for no logical reason. If your partner is the type who would get really angry when you innocently have a chat with your cousin, then you need to think twice. In addition, if they’re too controlling, wanting to keep track on all dimensions of your life, watch out you might be selling your soul!

Blatant Humiliation

If you’re in the hands of a partner or husband who always has an angelic view of you, then you should be ready to be vigilant. If he or she wants you to be the perfect man or woman, and you make some mistakes, they will really punish you for it. Such people do not have the smallest bit of consideration and you should keep off because you never know what it might culminate into eventually. In fact, such abusers may go overboard to the point of publicly humiliating you or even hurling insults at you on social media simply because you just made a little mistake like a normal human being. Try to imagine if you would make a greater mistake than what you did. They would even go to an extent of trying to kill you so that they have their way out.